Everyone's Welcome. Nobody's Perfect. Anything's Possible.

A new church launching in Austin this summer

Pre-Launch Bible Study this Sunday, 9:30am @ ARTUS Co
Arboretum - 10000 RESEARCH BLVD, UNIT 141, AUSTIN, TX 78759

Grand Opening This Fall @ Regal Gateway
9700 Stonelake Blvd, 78759


A Welcome Message from
Ryan and Gena Heller

Edge Church is a diverse movement leading people to a courageous life in Christ in Austin. We want to encourage people to live on the edge where they can break barriers and experience more than they thought was possible.

Hear Some Encouraging Words from Pastor Ryan Heller

Pastor Ryan takes complex Biblical truths and communicates
them in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your
everyday life. At Edge, we believe that the Bible has the solution
to all of life’s questions. Jesus is not just ONE answer, He is
THE answer. Jesus really is everything, and when you begin to
apply spiritual truth to your life, you’ll find freedom, wisdom,
direction and joy beyond what you could ever imagine. Come
live life on the Edge with us!