What You Can Do

Be a part of edge church from the very beginning

Take The 17 Day Challenge

If you’re looking to deepen your spiritual life and grow closer to God, then signing up for the 17 day devotional challenge with Pastor Ryan is an excellent way to achieve that goal. Through daily devotionals, you’ll be encouraged to read scripture, reflect on its meaning, and apply it to your life. Pastor Ryan’s guidance and insight will help you gain a deeper understanding of God’s word, and the challenge itself will provide you with the structure and accountability needed to establish a consistent devotional practice. By committing to this challenge, you’ll be investing in your spiritual growth and setting yourself up for a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with God.

Learn More

Edge Church is deeply committed to serving our local community and making a positive impact in the world through various outreach initiatives. By getting involved at Edge Church, you can form meaningful relationships with others, deepen your spiritual journey, and make a difference in the lives of those around you. If you’re looking for a supportive and fulfilling community, Edge Church is the perfect place to get involved.

Why be on the launch team

  • Chance to grow spiritually
  • Opportunity to reach more people
  • Get to help form something from the start
  • Opportunity to use your gifts and talents
  • Meet new people and have a lot of fun
  • Be a part of helping our community
  • Find your purpose

Why be a partnering church

  • Pastor Ryan and Gena are veteran church starters
  • New churches tend to lead more people to Christ than established
  • Austin area is one of the fastest growing communities in Texas and
    North America
  • New churches are needed to reach this influx of people
  • 350,000 people live within 15 minutes of Edge Church’s location
  • An opportunity to teach your church about missions and evangelism
  • A way to share the gospel in places outside of your normal zone