what is edge church?

We are a diverse movement leading people to a courageous life in Christ

In life, we are all on the edge of something – marriage problems, an important decision, an addiction, a challenge. But God wants to take you from the edge of your struggle to the edge of faith. That’s where God does his greatest work. The edge of your impossibility is God’s greatest possibility to take you beyond what you thought was ever attainable. At Edge Church, we believe God wants more for your life, a life that breaks barriers. You see, when you live on the edge, you erase limits and experience more than you could ever imagine. We invite you to join us by living on the edge. At Edge, we do not ‘play it safe.’ Instead, we challenge you to take bold steps of faith to find your God given purpose. When you take courageous action, God will meet you at your edge. Come live on the edge with us. This is where real life begins!